Cardinal - Expansion Bleue - Comox Harbor - 2020.jpg

Expansion Bleu

View from across the Comox Dock.  Expansion Bleu represents new beginnings of life. Water for renewal, mountains for grounding and strength, sky for endless opportunities.

Little Mexico

Rendered in abstract outline, the view of Comox Peninsula where sailboats meander.

Pink ocean solarize settings-2.jpg

Stormy Mornings

Capturing the peacefulness yet strength of the oceans tide crashing on shore.

Twin Gems

An areal view of the Comox Lake and Glacier in all their glory.

Twin Gems.jpg

Goose Spit

A stormy day overlooking the Navy Cadet camp at Goose Spit.

Little Mexico Skies

A different rendering of Little Mexico across from the Comox Dock.

Pink ocean multi settings-2.jpg
Brooklyn Creek.jpg

Brookyln Creek

Winter Wonderland - Serenity in a passing moment.

Tree Island

An aerial view of Tree Island south of Comox.


Hornby Island - Tribune Bay

An aerial view of Tribune Bay.

Royston area

An aerial view of Royston, south of Comox.


Western Mountain Range

An areal view of the Western Mountain Range from Goose Spit.